Notes from all over, coffee and opening edition

#SpoCOOLSpokane -- described as "a crossroads for the coffee-minded, and a rumpus room for coffee professionals and enthusiasts this world over" or, for the rest of us, "a coffee snob site" -- has published an article on Spokane's coffee scene. I usually find these types of fluff pieces a bit... fluffy... but Sprudge really did a good job featuring the area's premier coffee spots and roasters.

Indaba, Coeur, and Revel 77, as well as Manners and DOMA are, as expected, all included. Run over to Sprudge and read what they have to say about them.

For something completely different: Liquor License Stalker reveals the recently fire damaged Geno's has new owners. The team behind the Elk will, presumably, add another pub to their ever growing family, and why not? The Gonzaga district seems like a natural location for them.

Finally, this is awesome: