Notes from all over, Cafe Italiano edition


Cafe Italiano is soon set to open in the old West Wing location. Of course, things are not quite as straightforward in real life, and although an opening of... something... will happen soon, it is unknown exactly what it is and what will happen to the current location.

The Liquor License Stalker reveals the spot has changed name back to Cafe Italiano's old monicker: Greek Street Pizza. This is a bit odd, seeing the proprietor just yesterday said they might not have pizza, as the new kitchen could be too small to accommodate a pizza oven.

This would be too bad, seeing Cafe Italiano makes a very good pizza.

Furthermore, they are looking for someone to manage the north side spot, and if they can't find one, the spot will have to close down.

So while we were hoping for two spots to get awesome Cafe Italiano pizza, we might end up with none. Not that their pasta isn't good, but really, we want it all! Fingers crossed this will work itself out.