Notes from all over, butter and coffee and beer and rum running edition


We've heard people raving about butter in coffee for a while now -- granted, not from people who really like coffee -- but we were somewhat surprised to see a cat fight break out over it on the Twitter.

Basically Marco Arment wrote a flawed review about the concoction, which Bulletproof, the... Company? ... Person? ... whatever, behind the concept quickly shot down as being just that. Flawed.

We can kind of see both sides here: Bulletproof is correct Marco didn't follow the recipe correctly -- the butter wasn't mixed in properly, which would make a big difference -- but we can't help but think the coffee sounds very, very (very) gross. So obviously we'll try it ourselves; the recipe is right here if you're interested. Maybe you too can climb a mountain if you drink it.

Anyway, for something completely different: Rick Bonino brings word River City Brewing -- formerly known as Coeur d'Alene Brewing -- is close to open its doors. Frankly, it all sounds very similar to the old incarnation, which is fair enough, I suppose, and it's up to you if that's a good thing or not. We'll hold our judgement for now.

Other than that, things are slow as far as new places opening, unless you count Chevron Food Mart #2 and Broadway Truck Stop getting liquor licenses as big news. Rumors, however loose they might be, have it some interesting places are in the starting phases, so hopefully something a bit more interesting than Backroads changing names to Rumrunners will come about soon.