Notes from all over, brought to you by the letter «z»


We're at the end of 2013, and you would assume the trend of replacing the letter «s» with a «z» would be dying by now. It is not. It is, in fact, increasing in popularity. Why? We don't know! It makes no sense! A radio station with a backward «z» is apparently opening. Backward! Z!

Remember how business names with «2000» in them was all the rage during the late nineties? That's what the «z» has become, and it has to stop. Let's make that our new year's resolution for 2014. No more «z» where it does not belong.

In other news... The old Rex's is seeing a new tenant: Mi Casa. We can only assume this is a Mexican restaurant, but if it's related to the old Mi Casa which was located Picabu's space we don't know.

Finally, remember how we bitched about Red Chair seeing a January release? We were wrong. It's already out there, and presumably loving it. And good as it is... December? Sheesh.