Notes from all over, brewery edition


Well, look at this, more breweries are coming on our way. (The world reacts by not being particularly surprised.) So, what do we got?

First, Ponderosa Brewery, with Joe Potter's name on it -- you may or may not remember him from the past two #SpoBREWs -- is opening in the old Public Market building. This is, of course, the same spot where Young Buck Brewing (headed by fellow #SpoBREW alumnus Cameron) is opening.

Sounds like it could be quite the little brewing co-op going in down there. Plus both Joe and Cameron's beers did well in #SpoBREW, so be excited.

Also opening... somewhere, the location on the application looks to be a home address... is Empire Brewery. What will it be? Who knows! But there seems to be no end to all of these breweries popping up.

Finally, in an abnormally thematic round-up for us, No-Li is hosting their No Boundaries on the River festival this weekend. On Saturday, noon to four, you can taste twelve rare single-keg beers.

Avoid lines, as they say, by grabbing tickets right now.