Notes from all over, beers and stuff edition


First, thanks to everyone who came out for the #SpoBREW Classic. We'll have a recap -- final tallies, photos, trivia -- this week, but suffices to say that record turnouts and empty kegs are good indications of a successful event.


For those who've been wanting good Thai food in the Gonzaga district, things might be looking up. Might. Our Thai House is opening in the old I(/S)onic Burritos location, and a good spot for a Thai place it is too. Who knows what the food will be like, of course, but hey. Progress!

Back to the beer thing again: English Setter Brewing has a liquor license in to open a microbrewery. Yes. Another brewery. One can't help but wonder if the quantity/quality scale is tipping in the wrong direction.

As for actual quality beer, we have been fans of Selkirk Abbey's stuff for a while. Their new ale, a coffee porter, sounds intriguing, particularly seeing they're using DOMA coffee in it. How bad can that really be? If the tapped version does well, it'll be on sale in bottles too.