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Notes from all over, April 1st edition


We like Untappd and we like Orlison, which means we like that Untappd will be featuring a Orlison badge over the next few months. (We don't really like badges, but that's neither here nor there.)

From tomorrow, February 1st, through April 1st, you can get the Drink No Evil badge by checking in to two of Orlison's brews throughout that period. Hey, it's kinda dumb, but also kinda cool to see a local brewery participating in what truly is our kind of social network.

Speaking of beer and social media, New Belgium's Spokane rep and intrepid #SpoBREW judge gave us a shout about a cool opportunity: The brewery recently released SnapShot, a light, tart, wheat beer (which sounds different in an interesting kind of way), and it's being backed by a contest where they're giving away (locally) a cruiser bike.

Tag your Instagram photos of a SnapShot with #SnapShotSpokane and #21 (to indicate you're older than 21) and you will be entered in the drawing. Even cooler: for every entry, New Belgium will donate $1 to Second Harvest. Drawing will take place on April 1st.

Finally: We might not love Chipotle, and we might not love that they're debuting a Hulu TV show, but we do love that the show stars Ray Wise.

I mean, come on. Ray Wise! Twin Peaks! Reaper! The original Robocop!

Farmed and Dangerous -- a series that will explore «the outrageously twisted and utterly unsustainable world of industrial agriculture» -- will debut February 17th on Hulu.