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Notes from all over, an opening, zombies, beer, and Sante edition


So what do we got this week? (Not a lot, but let's look anyway.)

Pinot's Palette is set to open its doors at 126 N Washington. That's the building currently housing “The Eye Care Team”. This franchised outlet is, apparently, all about painting while drinking wine, which... Hey, it's something to do I suppose. Opening date is “coming soon”.

Santé is turning five, and are celebrating it with a five course dinner tomorrow. (That's Friday.) Among the highlights is a five course throwback menu, and a one-time comeback of one of our favorite servers, Eric Sivanish. More information can be found in this web version of Santé's newsletter.

Should you find yourself anywhere where they serve No-Li -- which, frankly, is most places in town -- we highly recommend their Simcoe Red, should it be available on tap. It's one hell of a good amber.

And finally, in case there was any doubt about Spokane's love for zombies... The sixth annual Zombie Crawl goes down this weekend. Hey, at least it involves booze, and not sub-standard donuts.