Notes from all over, about Chairs and other things


Like we mentioned on Twitter, Chairs is opening a location in the old Bulldog building. This time it will be a bit different than its previous incarnation, something reflected by the name: Chairs Coffee & Public House. In other words, instead of being solely a coffee house, the spot will also serve up a fuller food menu, as well as drinks.

From what we've heard, the menu will be pretty extensive for a pub, and they are currently considering including a dedicated paleo section. We're guessing that might be a bit over the top, but it'd be kind of cool if it worked out.

The interiors are getting a full makeover, with the drab, dark interiors of the Bulldog being tossed out.

So, with the combination of an all ages section -- which makes sense, what with the Gonzaga students and all -- and a bar, it sounds like Chairs might just have found something that could work well in the neighborhood. They are, from what we were told, shooting for a March opening, which might be somewhat optimistic as the liquor license hasn't been approved yet, but we'll see.

As for something completely different: We'll be seeing some cool musical events taking place over the next few months. The Bartlett, Fleetwood Mac, Blondfire (I know, right?!)... Yet, yesterday the event of... well, yesterday... was fifteen hours of SpoCOOL music being blasted at Central Food. It was a day worth remembering, with anything from OMD to Brigitte Bardot to Bowie pleasing Central Food's patrons.

Did you miss it? Well, fear not: We have published a slightly shorter version of the playlist on Rdio. (It was originally published on Spotify, but, let's face it, Spotify is awful, and we're doing you a favor by not linking to it.) So free up the next 14.5 hours, and enjoy a sonic journey courtesy of us. You will possibly enjoy it.