Notes from all over, a zombie donut shop edition


So here's an interesting development: Spokane will be getting a zombie themed donut shop. Some might claim zombies have been overused, others might claim we have too many donut shops, and both groups might just agree that both are true. However! A zombie themed donut shop, that's at the very least a little bit different. They might exist in other cities for all we know, but a quick search seems only to bring up Voodoo Doughnut, some sort of video game, and one closed down shop in Albuquerque.

Either way: Dawn of the Donut, as it is called, is aiming for an August opening at N 3402 Division. (The old Papa Murphy's, by the looks of it.) This seems like a pretty creative endeavor to us, and might just be enough to make us try a donut again. Give Dawn of the Donut a follow on Twitter.

Not nearly as exciting, but a South Hill Pita Pit is opening. Hey, their wraps aren't bad. The address is 2916 S Regal.

Finally, the #SpoBREW Classic filled up quickly, but we'll start the beer art signup later this week. There will be some changes to the format, but it will be centered around label art. Hey, feel free to start your arteesting right now if you so wish.