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Notes from all over, a smattering of updates edition


So, what's going on these days? As it turns out, not too much. With that in mind, here are one or two or even five updates you may or may not find interesting.

Station House Pizza, which we mentioned on Twitter nearly eons ago, has a liquor license in. We would assume this means it's getting closer to opening. It is, as you may or may not know, a Hillyard spot, with 3020 E Queen as address.

Caruso's is the first «confirmed» restaurant set to open in the former Burgain's building. (Although we prefer to use that word for official confirmations. Which there have been none of. That we know of.)

#summerofsandwich has officially kicked off, as proven by the Wing King! Tag yours with #spokane, and fame might be bestowed upon you.

Pueblo Amiga -- a spot we often forget about -- is moving to Division.

And while we haven't seen it yet, we believe you should go watch Chef, just because it sounds awesome. Who doesn't love themselves some Jon Favreau indie goodness?