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Notes from all over, a potpourri of stuff


We mentioned it on Twitter a few days back, and feel the need to repeat it here, because it's cool. The Complex City Guide has named DOMA the 13th best coffee roaster in the nation, which... I mean, these lists are just that -- lists -- but this kind of local recognition is cool. Their top pick? Stumptown, which should surprise no-one. And you can of course get their coffee at Coeur. More importantly, thumbs up to DOMA!

Are you familiar with CaffeiNation? We weren't either, but apparently they have a bit of a following, with a video series documenting a coffee fueled journey through the central and western US. Here in Spokane they visited Tom Sawyer and 4 Seasons, which... Well, the picks aren't exactly stellar, but whatever. Give 'em a view, the video is actually quite interesting in its own right.

There's a tribute event for Isamu "Som" Jordan on Friday, which will benefit his family. It goes down at the Shop at 6pm. Check the Facebook event page for more. A second event will be held at the Bing on Sunday, 1pm. It, too, has a Facebook page.

As for openings? Not too much going on, but Sante's Butcher Bar should be opening pretty soon. And that's kind of exciting.