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Notes from all over, a link worth reading (and more!) edition


First, you've probably already heard about Durkin's Liquor Bar, which now has a liquor license submitted. 

Someone you may not know a lot about, however, is the namesake: Jimmie Durkin. 

The «liquor tycoon» has quite the colorful history, one that is well worth reading about. Take a few minutes and check out Those Pre-Pro Whiskey Men!'s story on the man. Talk about a true local legend!

Somewhat related -- it's going into an old building, after all -- Ruins also has a liquor license submitted. This is the new spot from the people behind Stella's, which is opening in the old… I can't remember the name, but they served both Mexican and Chinese food, which is nothing if not a natural combination… at 825 N Monroe.

Selkirk Pizza is also set to open soon. We assume they picked the name to ensure maximum confusion with Selkirk Abbey. Check their Facebook page for more.

And that's all we got!