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Notes from all over, a hike worth taking edition


We're a few days late on this one, but either way. If you haven't checked out the Inland Northwest Ale Trail, you probably should. This is pretty much what you'd expect it to be: a trail of every(-ish?) brewery in the Inland Northwest, all mapped out (in PDF) for your convenience.

That is all well and good in itself, but as you can collect stamps to receive a mini growler too... Well, why wouldn't you want to take this hike? Grab ten stamps -- probably not in the same trip, but who are we to judge? -- and the prize is yours.

Grab your bicycle and give it a go. It seems like a worthy undertaking.

And, neither here nor there, but in case you've been clamouring to know what the liquor store down on Division will be called, it's... Zagz. That's right, Zagz. A perfect combination of Spokane's favorite college basketball team, and its love for the letter "z".