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Notes from all over, a handful of some stuff edition


Do you remember the Picnic Company Gourmet Cafe? Of course you don't, seeing that it was neither gourmet nor cafe nor very picnic-y. It was a company though, we'll give it that.

A business license has been submitted by Chapala revealing that they're about to move into the location. It might not be an amazing addition to 3rd Ave, but it's a step up from Carl's Jr. at least. (I think.)

Did we ever mention PowderKeg? I don't think we did mention PowderKeg. This will be a part of the Snowlander Expo, and will run from November 8th-9th. And as the name suggests, it will be all about beer.

Seventeen breweries have signed up -- at least by our count -- and we're all about more beer festivals hitting Spokane. The Inlander has more information.

Finally, everyone and their sister have already seen this and posted it to Twitter, but what the hell... Selkirk Abbey hits it big with Triumph on Conan!