Notes from all over, a few reminders and call for nominations as well as openings edition


Our annual “Best of...” is about to open up for voting very soon, but, as always, we ask you, the knower of everything good, what should be nominated? We always have the usual suspects included, but is there anything obscure out there or anywhere we haven't tried that should make its way onto the ballot? Give us a yell -- @spocool on Twitter -- and we'll see if we can't include it. Remember: Voting, it's your civic duty!

South Perry's Thursday Market is moving indoors to the Buddhio Yoga Studio, 915 S Perry for the winter. Its hours are 3-6pm.

Chairs Public House is opening next week. It's located in the old Bulldog building, 1305 N Hamilton.

The Valley branch of Total Wine & More will have its grand opening on November 21st. Its located just west of the Valley mall.

The Snowlander Expo is happening on Friday and Saturday which is neither here nor there if you couldn't care less about snow and skis. The PowderKeg brew festival that takes place inside it might be more of interest though, so make sure to check it out.

And I think that about covers it!