Notes from all over, a bit of everything edition


Let's just jump into it, shall we?

The Hop Shop is changing owners. What it will mean for the spot is anybody's guess, though I can't help but hope the meat-market-sleaze factor will be toned down.

We mentioned it earlier, and now it's official. Ish. Santé's Jeremy Hansen will open a bakery, named Common Crumb, in the new Saranac space. 

Miguel's has opened in the former Vin Rouge space on the South Hill.

If you have access to some Chardonnay barrels -- I mean, who doesn't?! -- you should help Perry Street Brewing out. I'm sure they'd buy you a pint.

And finally, the #snapshotspokane contest we so heavily pimped (before we forgot about it!) is done and done. Winner of our portion? The man behind the non-New Belgium part of the concept: Bart!

Yes, he was the only one who submitted something, specifically a selfie with the mayor! Congratulations to him, and to rxandr who won the bike in the New Belgium portion.