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Notes from all over, #spokanerising edition


When the Keaton Violet told us he wants to make the #spokanerising a "thing", who would we be to deny him his request, nay, demand? We would be cynical bastards, that's who, the kind who'd say hashtags tend to die a quiet death within a few weeks. Luckily we're not always cynical bastards, so we'll support the quest -- apparently started by @calebingersoll and @cathedralpearls -- to make #spokanerising a thing, and a hashtag used for anything awesome happening in this town.

Speaking of the tweet that sparked this whole thing: Method Juice is now open. Early buzz has been positive, so you should probably not suck and check them out. Pay with the Square app, and they'll even give you 25% off your first drink! Method's address is 718 W Riverside, right downtown, and #spokanerising seems like an appropriate hashtag for them.

And if you read Spokesman's beer column this week, you'd have seen a #SpoBREW2 mention. Woo! The starting time should be ready to be announced next week when we actually know what it is. And yes, #SpoBREW2 will throw #spokanerising all over your face.