Notes from all over, #SpoBREW and links edition


So today we're be asking for some input on a couple of topics, because why not? Either email us at or tweet @spocool if you have an opinion or want to join in on either of these...

First, our links section. Food blogs in Spokane seem to be rather... inactive... as of late, so we figured we'd add some more sites which in one way or other you would find interesting, usually from creative locals or whatever. These are LAWLKAT ALLEY, Erick Doxey Photography, Collect, and (more related to this site's content) One Baroque Girl. Are we missing any awesome sites? Let us know. We're also in the process of changing the link system to something that updates properly, have site titles, and generally doesn't suck, but that's neither here nor there.

For something completely different: We've started planning the next #SpoBREW, entitled the #SpoBREW Classic. This time around there will be some rule changes as well as a process that makes more sense as far as judging goes. This time we want your input on our plans. We might do it all via email, we might have a face-to-face... We will not make it a huge bureaucratic committee thing, because that's just lame. With that in mind, we're not sure how big we want to make this, but give us a shout anyway, and we'll see what happens.

And that's it -- SpoCOOL, your purveyor of democracy!