Notes from all over, #snowkane edition


First, if you use "#snowkane" or, indeed, "#snokane" on Twitter, you're probably dead to us.

In completely other news, and by "news" we mean "things we're catching up on", Trickster's Brewing Company has opened its doors in Coeur d'Alene. The brewery seems to go a bit of a different route than most younger breweries by concentrating on smaller beers. In other words, don't expect beers that toss you to the ground while slapping you.

We briefly sampled a few sips of their brown -- dumbly enough after drinking one of the aforementioned big ones -- and we found it both interesting and promising. Go explore yourself in Coeur d'Alene: Their address is 3850 N. Schreiber Way, and more information can be found at their Facebook page.

And if you don't want beer, try coffee. Lucky Lab Coffee is in the process of marrying two current crazes surrounding good coffee, and mobility. (Two different crazes, mind you.) That's right, a coffee truck. There's a good deal of information on their website, and make sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook too.

To quote something Barry tweeted a few weeks ago: "Strongly believe this year was a turning point for Spokane, 20 years from now we'll look back and see it came of age in 2012."

We think that might just be spot on.