Notes from all over. All over!


Churchill’s set to reopen! Good news for all steak eaters: SFB’s favorite Spokane steakhouse will reopen by December. From what we’ve heard they are shooting for a Thanksgiving-ish timeframe.

Page Ahead Children’s Literacy Program, a local children’s literacy nonprofit that provides more than 10,000 new books per year to children in the Spokane area who are at risk for illiteracy, will host two food-related events this month. The first event, “Double Shot,” is a partnership with Laguna Cafe at 4302 S Regal St. The second event, “Dish Up Literacy,” will happen on September 24th. It is a partnership with five restaurants in Spokane. Proceeds go to the cause, so if you’re interested in being un-Michael Nutter-like and support books, check out the press release.

The Spokane River Cleanup is this SundaySaturday. How is this food related you may ask? David’s Pizza will be there, that’s how. Oh, and we’re all about clean rivers and stuff too. Don’t bother looking for a Down to Earth team this year, though, as they just don’t care enough to put one together.