Notes from all over


Call us cynical, and you are probably right, but soup and spirits don’t sound like the most awesome combination ever. Soulful Soups was great. Hopefully Soulful Soups and Spirits will be too, strange combination aside.

Speaking of not too good: Going to Starbucks is not awesome. Nor is going to most drive through coffee shacks. Anybody have any good recommendations for coffee shops in or vaguely around the downtown area that open before 7am?

Speaking of coffee, Ben Delaney tells us Rocket Bakery now serves DOMA. Awesome!

Speaking of Twitter: Like we tweeted last week, The Elk has opened El Que on 141 S Cannon. We hear rumors of Mexican streetcart style food and a good tequila selection.

Speaking of opening, South Perry Pizza has been open for a week now. Sounds like the neighborhood is booming pretty well these days.