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Notes from all over


Clover is set to open tomorrow at 11am. Their menu might, at first glance, look a bit high-end for the Gonzaga neighborhood, but hey, maybe that's too cynical of an attitude on our part. It's always good to see some more ambitious places open all around town after all.

David Blaine's #SpokanePicnic will go down on Sunday, May 20th, 12pm, at the Finch Arboretum. This will be a DIY type of event (as picnics tend to be) so make sure you check out the small print of the invite.

And if you follow Veraci like others would follow Phish, you should probably know the mobile pizza makers will be at 12 String Brewing Co in the Valley on Friday at 5pm. That's 11616 E Montgomery. A good time to try a new-ish local brewery while eating some awesome pizza. (Breaking: They'll also be at The Hop Shop on Saturday, starting at 5pm. Make this a Veraci Pizza weekend!)