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Notes from all over


World Cup 2010 hits the International District this summer. You know. Soccer. You might have heard of it, about 6.5 billion people kinda, sorta care about it and commonly refer to it as football. Spokane has also taken note, and plans are afoot to get something going in the International District (a name that strikes me as a misnomer) for the tournament. Check the aforementioned link to join the Facebook group and follow up on it.

My thought? I hope actual fans of the game will show up, not people who are trying to be hipper than thou because they a) follow soccer as a counterculture fashion statement and b) hang in the International District. You know, kind of like how Seattle has embraced it:

I mean, of COURSE Seattle would be into soccer. It's almost too perfect. It's the hybrid car with the Obama bumper sticker of pro sports, a distillation of exactly what people from Des Moines to Des Moines think is so noxious about Seattleites with their fleece jackets and their recumbent bikes and their lattes and their solar-powered condos and their adopted minority babies and their gay-marriage advocacy and... Despite having no political affiliation or even reverberation, soccer fits comfortably into any generic anti-liberal screed you'd care to level.

Also, go Spain!

Golden Hills sees bronze. Specifically for Ben's Brown, which took a bronze in the World Beer Cup's "American Dark Lager" category. That still is my least favorite Golden Hills, but whatever...