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Notes from all over


The new Hotel Lusso pub will be called… Post Street Ale House. Yes. That’s the best they could pick from their recent contest. SFB suggestions: “The” Pub and Top That by Unknown Neva and The Pheasant Public House by yours truly. I think we all can agree “The” Pub is a pretty damn awesome pub name.

Everybody should check out International Food on 3021 E Mission. The Middle Eastern grocery store has everything from whole lamb (halal and everything) to really awesome yoghurt. Let that lamb marinate in the yoghurt over night, and you got something great going.

If you like food and you like movies, then you should probably check out Julie & Julia this weekend. Two stories set in different time and places: one follows Julia Child, and one Julie Powell who attempts to cook all of Child’s 500 or so recipes. Hey, it stars Meryl Streep, how bad can it be?

And finally, speaking of Julie & Julia... Check out this blog entry by Anthony Bourdain about his meeting with Sandra Lee after the premiere of the movie. It is… Bizarre. To say the least.