Northern Lights Crystal Bitter


One of life’s simpler pleasures during these cold months is sampling the many seasonal brews, and few serve up a better one than our very own Northern Lights. With that said, this might also the season to enjoy the brewery’s standby, the Crystal Bitter, which will warm up even the coldest soul during these dark evenings.

bitter beer, yo

Reminiscent of a British bitter in many ways (the label hints that German and American brewing techniques were also involved in production), the Crystal Bitter has a lovely deep, amber-ish brown color, and a fairly gentle hop aroma. Tasting reveals a crisp, sweet, malty flavor, which leaves a slightly dry aftertaste. The hops are front and center, but not in an overpowering manner a la Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA. In other words, there’s a nice complex flavor to be found here, one that I imagine would go well with some fish and chips.

Crystal Bitter might be the easiest Northern Lights beer to track down, be it at bars or in the store. Pick up a bottle, or get a growler from the brewery—it will guaranteed give you an entertaining night.