Northern Lights Brewing Co


Northern Lights Brewing Co cover

Consider this the baseline for what I compare hot wings against in the area; the template of how great hot wings should be.

Because it likely doesn't get better than this. The wings are perfect consistency, with a nice bite to them. Crunchy, not soggy, and piping hot. 

And in a town where heat index seems to fluctuate depending on who's in the kitchen that day, you always know what you'll get at Northern Lights. Three star is always comfortably spicy; five star is a giant kick in the teeth. Yet spicy as they may be, they always retain the flavor. Nicely deep, with plenty of spices, this is not just your standard Frank's hot sauce. 

If you want a good mix, go for one of the milder wings and ask for the five star sauce on the side. It is perfect for dipping, and you can decide your own spiciness that way.

The only downside I can see is that they serve the wings with ranch dipping sauce as opposed to blue cheese, but that might just be a personal opinion. (A personal opinion that is right, that is.)

Flavor, consistency, bite, heat index... Northern Lights gets them all right. If you like wings you owe yourself a visit, as it doesn't get better than this.