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No-Li Winter Warmer


I find very few winter warmers to be offensively bad, yet very few to be awesomely fantastic. Most, to me, seem rather average.

No-Li's entry into the winter warmer category, simply called Winter Warmer, is a few steps above average. It might not be quite top tier, but it's a respectable beer, one I'd try again without hesitation.

It pours a dark amber, slightly hazy color with a slightly creamy white head, with a definite winter look to it.

Sniff, and the piney hops come straight at you, flanked by expected citric notes. Give it another whiff, and you'll find a good kick of caramel too, alongside a somewhat surprisingly mild spiciness.

A quick sip reveals a flavor that follows the nose. It's hoppy, but not in a face-punching way, and the citrus rounds it out nicely. Let the beer warm up just a bit, and the spices come out a bit further in force than the nose would suggest. Hints of nutmeg, a bit of vanilla... It's really very pleasant.

Pleasant is definitely good, though this isn't a particularly complex beer. Winter Warmer does its job nicely though, and I can see it becoming a favorite in restaurants. For whatever reason I feel this could go well with a pizza.

My bet is that you'd at least like No-Li's Winter Warmer. Love it? I'm not so sure, but you probably should give it a try to find out.