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No-Li Mosaic


So, No-Li's Mosaic. This is an odd one, in the sense that it shouldn't exist. I mean, seriously, No-Li doesn't list it on its website. Google searches bring up next to nothing. BeerAdvocate seems to refuse it is out there... It is out there, though, and it's loving it. Really, it's not that hard to find, at least on tap. Does it exist in bottle? Who knows?!

Lack of marketing taken aside, the Mosaic certainly stands on its own two feet, and is a pretty perfect pale for late spring and early summer. I'd rank it close to Jet Star as far as No-Li's most recent offerings go.

It pours like a pale -- shocking, right?! -- with a somewhat lightly-saturated orange color, and a good white head. Not much more to say; it is what it is, and what the Mosaic is, is good looking.

Sniff, and you are gentlemanly greeted by a balanced mix of citrus and hops. A sort of dry, malty backbone flanks it nicely. In some sense I guess it's almost IPA like, though I suppose that isn't that abnormal or anything.

Either way, a sip really just affirms the notes you get from the nose. The citrus might not be as dominant as in Elysian's Superfuzz, nor do I think that was what No-Li was going for. Point being: The mix of the citrus and hops is clearly there, dominating without being overpowering. It is instantly refreshing, yet dry enough to not feel watered down.

The Mosaic -- and I don't care if I'm repeating myself -- is a perfect ale for the season. I assume it is fairly light on the ABV, and it can easily be sipped in the sun. I'm impressed. No-Li clearly wants to become a player in the beer industry, something they're well on their way of achieving.

We found the Mosaic at Saranac, and I'm pretty sure it was spotted at Central too. You can, if nothing else, hit up No-Li's restaurant-tap-house-whatever-they-consider-themselves to try it. I can easily see the Mosaic finding a place in our summer rotation, and you probably should consider placing it in yours too.