News from all over: Italy Edition


Things are, apparently, happening. And if you followed us on Twitter you'd already know that Spokane has Italy fever!

First, Italia Trattoria has opened! Former Luna chef Anna Vogel is helming the Italian restaurant in the former Marron building. The word "authentic" has been thrown around, which certainly is a good thing, though we will wait and see for ourselves. Spokane doesn't have a history of much in terms of Italian authenticity.

Speaking of faux-Italian that goes better with our Olive Garden past, Ciao Mambo is opening in the Lincoln Plaza building downtown. You'll likely be pretty pleased if you've been looking for a new spot to hate. With a slogan like "Where even the pasta is sexy!" and "Italian Nachos" are proudly displayed as a signature dish... Well... Lord help us all... Look at the image above... Is that Italian and sexy? Is that what we've come to? Seriously.

But hey, they can always prove me wrong. There's a first for everything!