News from all over, a liquor license and some stuff edition


Are you familiar with the elusive 133x W Summit Pkwy? Nor are we, though our assumption is that it's some sort of hidden Diagon Alley type location. Either way, that's specifically-ish where Veraci will be located, as revealed by the Liquor License Stalker.

Not that the KY location was a secret of course; the more exciting thing is that the project is clearly moving along, now that the beer and wine application is in.

Baby steps, certainly, but we'll take it.

In other news, Selkirk Abbey's Guilt will be available on tap at the brewpub in «about ten days», which I suppose is a week from today. The Belgian coffee porter -- using its neighbor DOMA's coffee -- weighs in at a heavy 8.3% ABV, and was the winner of Selkirk's homebrew contest. Word has it will be available in bottles at some point, too.

Finally, on the off-chance you want to have any input on how the soon-to-be-properly-announced Nuclear #Spiceawar should go down, you have mere hours to do so. Ideas, suggestions, whatever can be tweeted to @spocool or emailed to

This will be the third and last entry in our painful spicy food trilogy, Spiceavore, which you will have the chance to compete in. If you qualify.