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Let the fight over who can deliver the blandest Italian food commence: Olive Garden's brand spanking new location, nay, locales have opened in North Spokane! Apparently the design was inspired by their Tuscany restaurant, which begs the question: Olive Garden has locations in Italy?!

Not to be outdone, Ciao Mambo -- "where even the pasta is sexy," god help us all -- is set to open at the end of the month. I guess the real question is if you prefer bottomless salad bowls to Italian Nachos. Or, you know, you could always just go to Italia Trattoria instead.

On a happier note we have heard rumors that The West Wing of the White House will have its soft opening next week. This is of course the Spokane branch of The White House Grill which is an awesome spot if you like garlic. If you don't, well, it probably won't be for you.