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Or alternate title: “Too tired to write anything too meaningful today.”

If in Sandpoint, check out Evans Brothers Coffee. Then let us know what you think. We received an e-mail from the guys running it, and their coffee sounds intriguing. Plus they do the whole organic and fair trade thing, so you can feel good about yourself going there.

The Spokesman ran an article about a “bring Trader Joe’s to Spokane” Facebook group. Trader Joe’s is nice and all, and as a business it’d be good to have in Spokane. But as far as our choices in where to get good food, aren’t Huckleberry’s and Main Market Co-op, et. al. better?

We’re hearing good things about the Hop Shop on 3803 S Grand. Has anyone checked the place out yet?

Chaps is pretty much tripling its size.

An Ethiopian restaurant, Queen of Sheba, is opening in the Flour Mill.