New downtown Taco Bell!


We received this update from Steve asking if we could post it here, after he had seen us accepting contributions from other “outsiders.” Which we gladly accept because it means we don’t have to write!

Dear Spokane Food Blogger!

I have noticed you post many updates from your readers so I hope you will post this one from me! It’s about Taco Bell.

As we all have seen Taco Bell on 3rd street has been closed down for a while because of reconstruction. Every day I have excitedly driven past it and surveyed the progress of the new building. And when it was close to done! Wow! What an architectural marvel! Alongside Arby’s further up the street I think this must be the fanciest looking eatery in Spokane!

And when the doors finally opened and we were let inside. To think that a fast food joint can look this impressive! Sleek lines. Earth tone colors. And the layout! With all added up this doesn’t feel like a taco restaurant on “fast food row” (as my children call it), this is more like a chic European disco!

But this would all be for nought had the food not kept up its Taco Bell reputation of excellence. Would the meat be piping hot? The shells crunchy? Well, let me tell you, the food was the best Taco Bell tacos I ever had tasted! I am guessing they didn’t just change the decoration, but also got fancy new grills and broilers and such. My gordita was as fluffy as a gordita had ever been, and the meat?! A delicate flavor of spice, with a subtle hint of sweetness! What a taco!

Breathe out a sigh of relief, Spokane. Taco Bell is back! And it is better than ever!

Thanks for reading my blogger!