New Belgium Snapshot


We mentioned New Belgium's #snapshot contest a few weeks back, and that seems like a good of an excuse as any to try the actual beer: the Snapshot.

This is not a particularly complex beer, nor, I assume, is it supposed to be. At a mild 5% ABV and 10 IBU, it is decidedly in the session category, one well enjoyed when the weather is like it was yesterday, but not today, and not the day before yesterday. (In other words, it's good when it's warm outside.)

It looks like what you'd expect an unfiltered wheat beer to look like -- hazy and light -- accompanied by a fresh citric nose. Somewhere toward the back, you can pick up on just a pinch of spices.

Sip, and you'll be gently smacked by a light mouthfeel, which plays well with the crisp, non-violent flavor. The wheat sits right up front, and the light tart sweetness gently coats the tongue. Is it complex and exciting? Not really. But then, should it be? I don't really think so.

As far as a spring beer goes, I'd say this one hits the mark. The sourness mixed with wheat makes it just a little bit different, and its ease of drinking suggests the Snapshot is a beer most everyone can enjoy.

So, in a world of crazy beers, we're good with taking a step back sometimes, and find something to relax with. That's what the Snapshot is, a chill-out beer, and good on New Belgium for releasing it.