Nerd Nite in Spokane? (This is food related)



Nerd Nite is a free monthly event where nerds get together and drink beer and give PowerPoint presentations to other nerds on subjects that are ostensibly of great interest to nerds. Like post-Soviet Belarus. And Ebola rates among gorillas. And killer robots. It has chapters in Austin, Boston, DC, Muenchen, NYC, and San Francisco.


So what topics would be discussed in Spokane? How about:


1. Italian Horrror Films 1967-1987


2. English Grammar


3. DIY Electronics Using Arduino


4. Tango Electronic Cars


5. Fictional Alternative History in Pop Culture (“What if the Nazis won WWII?”)


6. Killer Insects


7. History and Techniques of making Artisan Bread


8. Wine or Beer, which beverage has more variety


Etc. We all know at least one nerd who is so passionate about their hobby they won’t stop talking about. Â Now it’s time to let them be heard, or let you be heard. What would you want to learn about?