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Natural Start -- Now Sharpe (Closed)


Hey, we’ll admit it. We were right among the skeptics when the new owners of Natural Start announced they were taking the coffee shop in a different direction. But honestly, they’re really not that bad. Sure, we miss the former owners’ take on organic foods, mostly because it was delicious.

The current incarnation of Natural Start has opted to get baked goods from a selection of bakeries. There’s really nothing wrong with that in and of itself, and the prices are fine. (Even discounts on day olds.) I wouldn’t recommend Natural Start as a place to go for food anymore, but the most important part is that they’re still rocking the DOMA coffee.

They didn’t at first; the Americanos were luke warm. Hey, it was a transition period. Now they’re doing a fine job, and I have no problems recommending this as a coffee stop. In fact, it’s probably the one I still frequent the most.

Rumors of huge changes to the interior design of the place seems to have been unfounded too. That’s a good thing, as it looks great as it is.