Natural Start Bakery


IMG_0432You probably read S-R’s article about Natural Start Bakery, and walked away oh so impressed at the proprietors’ dedication to provide Spokane with a high quality organic bakery. And why not, it is admirable? Good intentions aside, though, the important part is to provide high quality goods, and Natural Start has that down just fine.

Star of the show, for me anyway, is the DOMA coffee. The guys and girls at Natural Start make a great Americano, particularly in an area of town that pretty much consists of Starbucks and less than stellar coffee stands. And their prices are fair too—$2.25 for an Americano made with DOMA is OK with me.

The only issue I really have with Natural Start is that they charge 25 cents extra when paying with debit card. I mean, c’mon, it’s not like we’re not a plastic economy. If they want to make up the difference, just tack the 25 cents on to the prices, and have us all pay the same, cash or otherwise.

Minor criticism aside though, Natural Start is just OK with me.

More info on Taste Everything Once.

Great coffee!3