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My So-Called Life Drinking Game

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My So-Called Life Drinking Game cover

The 90s died on April 5th, 1994, when Kurt Cobain took the backdoor out. Any self-respecting teenager would follow grunge and its "whatever" attitude which died on the same day.

During Cobain's later days, grunge was transforming into something else, something awful. No longer just "whatever," post-grunge was filled with self-pity, over the top angst, and bad poetry. This era was ushered in by My So-Called Life, which I maintain is still the template for today's hipster.

And really, if any television show has ever lent itself to a drinking game, My So-Called Life is it!

  • Drink every time Angela utters some variation of "You just don't understand me!" Take another drink if it's to her parents.
  • Drink every time Rayanne drinks. Take another if it's a chaser to pills. Empty the bottle if she ODs.
  • Drink every time somebody says "like."
  • Drink every time Krakow clumsily hits on Angela just to inevitebly get his heart broken.
  • Drink every time Angela treats Krakow like dirt.
  • Drink every time Angela's mom does something that makes you say "What a bitch." (Will leave you plastered.)
  • Drink every time Jordan leans on his locker, staring empty into space. Take another drink when this reminds you of how awful 30 Seconds to Mars is. Take yet another drink if this again reminds you of how strangely at peace you felt when Jared Leto got his ass kicked in Fight Club.
  • Drink every time you're reminded mid-90s TV show synth cues leave a lot to be desired.
  • Drink every time you see an actor which makes you think "Gee, I wonder what happend to him/her?"

Make tonight a My So-Called Life night!