Mr Spokane: The torch is passed


It's with tears in our collective eyes we wave farewell to Mr Spokane, Mike Tigas. Hailing from the tundras of the Midwest, Mr. Tigas travelled to Spokane with glee in his eyes, and a unbridled enthusiasm for his new hometown. We crowned him Mr Spokane, a title he so rightly deserved.

Yet everything comes to an end, and as Mr Spokane sets his sights on new adventures, we all know what needs to happen: A new Mr Spokane has to be crowned. The torch needs to be passed. And we have found the man who will follow in Mr. Tigas's ample footsteps.

You might already know the new Mr Spokane, but if you don't, you soon will. We introduce to you, Jeremy Williamson.

The new Mr Spokane hails from the depths of Alabama, and has moved through the plains of Tri Cities and many a small burg in Oregon. Settling in Portland, Mr Williamson honed his coffee skills at the grandest of roasters: Heart.

But he wanted more. Something bigger. Better. And his resolve was clear: He had to forego the plush lifestyle offered by Portland, and relocate to the diamond in the rough. The unpolished jewel of the Northwest. The hidden gem. Spokane.

You might already know Mr Williamson from Coeur where he is doing his barista thing. But Mr Williamson is not content stopping there, and he truly is putting money where his mouth is. Bringing with him his experience from Heart, Mr Spokane is starting up a new coffee roasting company called Manners Roasting. Soon we will find his product all(-ish) around Spokane, so we all can join together and enjoy what Mr Williamson has to offer.

Like the former Mr Spokane, the new bearer of the crown has embraced our city with a passion rarely seen outside Fifty Shades of Grey. Mr Williamson started a Tumblr site where he documents his life in his new home town. Here he gushes about the city and all it has to offer. It is a love letter to Spokane, one written from the proverbial heart.

Many have clamored for the title, but we truly believe Mr. Williamson deserves to be crowned the new Mr Spokane. To quote the man himself: "Spokane is awesome. Don't forget it."

Mr Williamson: The man. The legend. Mr Spokane.