Minhas Simpler Times Lager


You probably didn't know this, but Spokane has its very own Trader Joe's. No! Really! They're right up on the South Hill!

Trader Joe's also sells beer. This might not come as a shock, though you might be surprised to learn that some of the Trader Joe's-branded stuff is pretty good. Their Unibroue-brewed "Vintage '11", for example, is excellent.

Simpler TimesSimpler Times Lager is not Trader Joe's-branded, but apparently it's pretty much a Trader Joe's exclusive.

So. To look at the positive aspects, a six-pack will set you back less than $5 and that includes tax. I don't think you could find PBR cheaper than that. In fact, Untappd recommends PBR to anyone who might enjoy Simpler Times Lager.

And what better note to end the positives on.

This is not a very good lager. Granted, I'm not a huge fan of lagers in the first place, but I would never turn down any incarnation of Full Sail's Session.

The main reason I don't like Simpler Times is one that requires minimal scientific insight: The beer tastes like sour apples. I'm not saying that to mock the beer with some crazy hyperbole or anything. It literally tastes like sour apples. You know that fake syrup-y flavor, the one you find in a Jolly Rancher? That's Simpler Times for you.

That might still put it above a PBR or a Budweiser, and that's awesome. Would I drink this again, though? Possibly, if somebody gave me a can at a social function. I don't see a scenario where I'd buy it, however.