Midnight Sun Panty Peeler


Midnight Sun Panty Peeler cover

So here we have a tripel -- which for all intends and purposes could stand for triple the punch -- from Midnight Sun which isn't too bad at all. The Panty Peeler, which we can only assume is an oh so clever play on the 8.5% ABV, might not be worth walking through mud for, but it's a solid ale, and you should probably pick up a bottle of it.

It pours like one would expect; golden orange with just a bit of haziness to it. A finger's worth of head foams well into a white color. Nothing too surprising, and that's fine.

The same goes for the nose. Citrus and coriander comes out ahead, with the malts a bit further behind. I had expected the latter to come flying, I suppose, but either way the aroma is quite pleasant, if a bit misleading.

How so?

Flavor wise everything actually gets turned on his head. In other words the maltiness comes through as the dominant flavor. That's not to say the citrus and spices aren't there. They back up the malts perfectly well, and the orange is particularly pleasant. The coriander, meanwhile, is not flying as the solo spice either. There's definitely just a hint of pepper here, and a few other spices I can't quite identify.

The flavor doesn't slap you in the face, yet somewhat surprisingly hides the punch from the alcohol. That can be somewhat lethal, of course, so sip conservatively.

This is a good tripel. I like it. It might not be too exciting, but that's OK. My guess is it'd be better enjoyed during the summer, as it's quite refreshing. Pick a bottle up at any rate; it's worth it.