McDonald's breakfast


Dear Spokane Food Blogger!

Thanks for the wonderful feedback on my Kentucky Fried Chicken blogger! I am a bit saddened that some of you seem angry that me and my family enjoy more mainstream establishments than some, but I have been encouraged to keep posting my opinions to this blogger by the editors and so I will!!

This is why I want to write about McDonald’s. Some people don’t like McDonald’s, but I say that is their problem!! McDonald’s is the world’s most popular restaurant and while I know that automatically does not make it the world’s best restaurant, that means for the majority of people it is a good restaurant. People have choices and the majority of the world goes to McDonald’s!!

I love their breakfast!! Nothing is better for a Sunday morning breakfast or brunch than a steaming hot Sausage McMuffin with a freshly squeezed glass of OJ!! And if I feel a bit “south of the border” I never hesitate to indulge with a breakfast burrito. The tortillas are always warm and fluffy!! And why not enjoy a steaming cup of Joe or one of their new lattes??

Dinner is a bit more tricky because they get so dang busy. But here is my tip if you want a deliciously warm and fresh hamburger!! Ask for it without something. Make it custom made!! Remember at McDonald’s you can “have it your way” and if you for example tell them to “hold the lettuce” they will make you a fresh hamburger!! Smart, huh?

And if you want to make it a “day of McDonald’s” which my family has done many a times then end the meal with a hot fudge sundae!! They use a nice rich chocolate sauce to cover the creamy vanilla ice cream. It is very good!! My wife is a bit more health conscious than me and she often has the reduced fat ice cream cone which also is very good. You’d almost think it was full of fat!!

I know some readers will be upset with me for writing about McDonald’s but I am not feeling the need to apologize for this. Billions enjoy McDonald’s and who are you to tell me we are wrong?? McDonald’s is both affordable and a fun place to eat and me and my family enjoy eating there now and again!! I’m sorry if that makes you angry.

Thanks for reading my blogger!