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McDonald's McCafe Iced Latte


McDonald's McCafe Iced Latte cover

It's a story of trial and tribulation how Team SpoCOOL were almost literally forced to drink an iced latte from McDonald's. A canceled flight on Christmas Eve. Overnight stay in Denver. Limited to no food options. Use it or lose it vouchers°. It should have been A Christmas Story but was closer to Black Christmas.

We dove head first in, Pete Rose style, to try a McCafe though, and I like to think we took a bullet for you. Not that anybody would have expected a latte -- an iced latte at that -- from McDonald's to be good, which, incidentally, it isn't. It's god awful. I could rant lyrically about how bad it is. And I will:

The most positive way to describe the iced latte is water with ice, some powdered milk and possibly a teaspoon of Nescafe for flavor. That is the positive take on it which really is overselling it. A more accurate description would be water and ice, straight from the shores of Tchernobyl. That's it. It tastes like dirty polluted water, the type that could make you grow another eye. 

The McCafe lattes are, of course, part of a campaign aimed at classing up McDonald's. You've seen the ads. Hip young artistic looking guy, possibly hung over after a $1 PBR night, refusing to speak to anyone until he has his morning McCafe. I'm sure the iced latte would taste fabulous if you poison your buds with everything crap. Because that's what this McCafe is. Crap. Possibly literally.

° In retrospect, should have lost it...