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Maya Earth Coffee San Marcos


My knowledge of Maya Earth Coffee is admittedly lacking: Their bags reveal they're from Airway Heights and they seem to be pretty transparent about the whole responsible trade thing. Local and, presumably, good people. That's all great.

The San Marcos we picked up from Main Market was sadly not quite as awesome. I'm not sure if the beans were too old as there was no roast date on the bag, but something seemed off about them.

Opening the bag, it was clear this was some dark roasted stuff. That stereotypical smell of coffee was there, and that was about it. There are few subtle notes to it, and the beans literally shone from the oil.

Using the AeroPress this pretty much turned out how we had expected it to, after our initial inspection. You probably could enjoy the San Marcos if you like your coffee dark, but even then, there was just very little to the overall profile here. All in all it was just kind of dull.

Frankly, I don't really know what else to day about the San Marcos. There just wasn't a lot to it. I'm sure the roasters are lovely people who do a lot of good in the world. The coffee, however, wasn't quite up with what we had hoped for, and I can't see us trying Maya Earth Coffee again. And that's too bad.