Manito Tap House


Here's the thing: there are a lot of restaurants that are kid-friendly that you wouldn't ever visit if you didn't have a child. Probably you'd avoid them at all costs. For me, these include places that end with things like .E Cheese and HOP. Manito Tap House does not fall under that category. The food is excellent, the tap list is great (not that I really care, but I'm married to someone for whom this is vitally important), and they have a lot of great servers. The fact that they are good at catering to the child crowd just makes it that much better.

The Tap House is not a kid place per se, but they are great at taking care of their child guests. Every server we've had has talked to our very outgoing two-year-old and made her feel as welcome as the adults. They bring her water in a plastic cup with a straw and lid, and play along when she toddler-speaks her own order. There are lots of high chairs/boosters, and the kids' menu doubles as a coloring sheet.

Kids' menu options are a beef slider with cheese, chicken strips coated with crunchy pretzels and served with dipping sauce, macaroni noodles served with butter and pecorino or cheddar cheese sauce, and a Monteray jack & cheddar quesadilla served with salsa. All kids' items are $4 and come with a choice of yam chips, carrot sticks, applesauce, or shoestring fries. Let me tell you: the food is really good. My husband sneaks tons of the delicious house-made applesauce every time, and I've been known to debate eating the remainder of Jane's mac 'n' cheese myself or taking it home for leftovers. It's a tough call.

A tip, though: go early. The Tap House is always packed, and with kids you obviously can't eat in the bar. We try to get there in the 5-5:30 range for dinner, or call ahead to put our name on the waiting list before leaving the house.

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