Mambo Amber Ale


Mambo Amber Ale cover

Ciao Mambo has its own beer, and as bad as their pasta might be, the beer is worse. I can't remember the name of the brewery responsible for this travesty (they probably prefer not to be tied to it anyway) but I have a very hard time classifying this as an "amber." Granted, there might be an amber hue to it, but I'm pretty sure I was drinking Alka-Seltzer if the flavor was anything to go by.

You know something is off the moment you look at it. No head, and carbonation going like spitfire. It's enough to give one flashbacks to Select 55, another Alka-Seltzer-like beer.

Flavor wise it's pretty horrendous. Thin and watery with an aftertaste of salt. Frankly I had a hard time knowing if I was actually drinking a beer. Malts and/or hops? Not present. At all. I wouldn't be surprised if this was what they used at Gitmo for Waterboarding. Mamboboarding. Just drinking this ale could certainly be classified as torture.

Do not order Ciao Mambo's signature beer. It is not worth it unless you really want to die a little inside.

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