Main Market Co-op


Main Market Co-op had, as probably most of you know, its soft opening yesterday. And while there were some understandable small hiccups during our visit, we’re left with an early impression that is very positive.

It might have taken a while to open, but as you walk in, you know that there’s something special about Main Market. The colors are vibrant and inviting, while the aisles are wide. It doesn’t feel like a supermarket, merely a market, and that is a very good thing. If you’ve checked out the Moscow Co-op, you will know what we’re talking about.

Not all the shelves were stocked yet, this being a soft opening and all, but those that were, impressed. A large selection of in season vegetables meets you as you enter, and there are plenty of raw food choices. If you like Ezekiel whole grain products, you’ll find a great selection here. The beer and wine shelves are stocked with local and semi-local organic and non-organic choices, as well as a variety of high quality products produced a bit further away. And surprisingly, theres also a good selection of airplane carry-on approved toiletries. No, seriously.

We were also happy to run into Marc from the old Natural Start at the store. He’s now in charge of the Main Market green house, which seems fitting. He could also tell us that the Moscow Co-op had helped out with certain aspects of Main Market, so that would explain certain similarities.

Some shelves need to be stocked, and other minor niggles need to be ironed out, but honestly, the market is looking really quite impressive as it is. Run down and check it out ASAP, and get a membership if you don’t already have one.