Locavore Food Trade at Fresh


Hello, Locavore Contestants (Becky, Mark,Unknown Neva, Moneeeq, Andrew, Hank, Brightspirit, Paul, Remi, Bart, Crystal, Stephanie, John Speare, Rachel, Brandi) and Friends & Family,

Do you have extra food or need new items? Meet at the Magic Lantern Theater to swap our food with all of the Locavore contestants and watch the movie Fresh. The movie was sponsored by Main Market Co-op, so it is free for the public and donations are happily accepted.

The movie it not listed on the Magic Lantern site but it is playing:

Time: September 3, 2009 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Location: Magic Lantern Theater 25 West Main St.

Come around 6:00PM and meet in the lobby to trade food. If you can’t make it early, we can swap after the film too.