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Litehouse Yogurt Kefir Dressing


Give those crafty Sandpointians this: they know how to put together a decent dressing. Like many, however, Team SFB prefer to make our own dressing, usually out of kefir yogurt. It therefore came as a surprise to see that Litehouse now has its own yogurt kefir series.

Of course, “surprise…” I guess it stands that the only logical reason for them doing this, is that they want to follow in the footsteps of the glorious Team SFB, and make our kind of dressing. It only makes sense, and we will carefully consider being spokespersons when the offer inevitably arrives.

But I digress.

The bleu cheese kefir dressing tastes pretty similar to their regular dressing; borderline identical, in fact. It might be a bit thinner, but still has chunks of bleu cheese in it. It might not be amazing, but it’s still pretty good, and worthy of dipping some homemade hot-wings in. (Although put some crumbled up bleu cheese in it to spike it up a bit.)

As for the kefir part, it also has its advantages, particularly for metabolism and digestion. And if you have an intolerance of dairy, this dressing might just be OK for you. Hey, kefir is great, and its advantages should be preached!